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A simple and easy way to purchase EPC tokens

How does it work?

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1. Create your ethereum wallet

You need to create a virtual wallet on Remember to ensure you make a backup of your private keys!

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2. Get ethereum

Upon securing your ETH, it is important to move it to the private wallet that you just created in the previous step.

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3. Get ready for the crowdsale period

Remember the date – September 21st 2018, or you can subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll notify upon the commencement of the Crowdsale process.

You can buy EPC with ETH and BTC, but to get EPC in your wallet you need to create a virtual wallet on Remember to ensure you make a backup of your private keys!

Token and crowdsale info

Role of token
Electricity trading, platform participation, launch bids, smart contract, grid trading

Distributed in the crowdsale

Initial value
1EPC = $ 0.0003

Token distribution date
7 November 2018

Hard cap

Min. contribution
0,2 ETH or 0,02 BTC

Token supply
200,000,000,000 EPC


Sale period
September - October 2018

Accepted currencies

Unsold tokens policy

Allocation of the funds

Allocation of the funds Energy Premier

Token bonus ratios

Bonus is allocated in the form of additional tokens.

Token bonus Energy Premier

Our token bonus brackets are distributed on a volume basis. Out of the total 120bn token volume emitted during the Crowdsale, each bonus bracket in the chart above will consist of 5bn tokens. The bonus brackets are filled on a first-come first-served basis starting with the 30% bonus bracket

Once one bonus bracket of 5bn tokens is sold, the next bonus bracket is up for sale and so on until all bonus brackets have been sold out, after which the tokens will continue to be sold on a regular basis.

Protecting supporters

In order to put Energy Premier’s early supporters in best possible position, Energy Premier will introduce several security measures before, during and after the crowd sale.

Hard cap

Crowd sale will finish on the designated mentioned date or at the point where the total raised amount reaches the hard cap. After reaching hard cap, no further funds will be accepted.


Floor is set to the nominal value of 5.0 million USD. If floor is not reached, the funds in full amount and in the same currency will be returned to the supporters after the end of the crowd sale.


Tokens not sold or distributed during the Token sale will be burnt.

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