Energy Premier ICO

The future of electricity trading - Energy Premier Coin (EPC). It's a faster, cheaper, safer way to trade electricity. Participate in a $ trillion global market that's growing. Sign up today to participate and enjoy a 30% bonus

Product live & has lead users

$ Trillion global market - large applicability

Min EPC price of 0.0003$ accepted for platform services

We care - 37% operating profit invested in renewables


in Presale


Bonus ratio

0.1 BTC or 1 ETH

Min. contribution


Initial value 1EPC

Energy Premier - a blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform

Our mission is to enable distributed and transparent energy trade utilizing blockchain technology and the EPC token, bringing the power over energy to people

Energy premier platform team

Token based electricity bidding platform

Allows consumers and suppliers to trade electricity using the EPC token, through electricity bidding sessions

Energy premier platform business model

Distributed, direct & transparent access

Enables decentralized and direct access to market, eliminating distance in trading, driving pricing transparency

Energy premier platform wide potential

Trade, usability and liquidity

Drives trade & usability of EPC: making it cheaper, faster, safer to trade, and offering smart grid & smart meter functionality

What problem do we solve?

Energy Premier platform

We want you to trust our team. That's why we have firstly built the Energy Premier platform before we reach out to investors and launch an ICO, in order to

Bring the power to the

Today electricity trading power is with major corporations and electricity exchanges. We use blockchain to open that trade to people and supplement it with bidding and group-request features

Foster decentralization and transparency

Today electricity trade is not transparent and is limited within markets. We use smart contracts to drive transparency and eliminate distance as a limiting factor

Drive efficiency of trade for the user

Today electricity trade is full of intermediaries, lags & processes. We use smart contracts for cheaper, faster, safer trade, cancelling intermediaries & collecting encrypted bid session price offers

Token distribution

Energy premier chart

Crowdsale structure

Crowdsale duration

September - October 2018

Token name

Energypremier (EPC)

Total supply:

200,000,000,000 EPC tokens
(roughly same as volume of MWh consumed in the world each year)

Total crowdsale supply

120,000,000,000 EPC tokens

Price per token

1EPC = 0,0003 $

Hard cap:



Tokens not sold or distributed during the Token sale will be burnt

The roadmap

Roadmap Energy premier tokensale

Token model

Energy Premier token model

1. Pay our services

2. Record obligation on blockchain

3. Trade electricity

4. Auction smart grid

5. Obtain EPC for using platform

6. Integrate smart meters

7. Crypto miners get best prices in a crypto loop

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